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Riding Hubble

I love momentum poems, those which read at speed and leave you breathless at the end. I hope you like this one!


Crouching feet flexed on the dark side of the moon awaiting its rise above the horizon I leap flying, floating weightless creature accelerate through infinity clasp mankind’s artifact between my knees wrap arms around frozen metal carapace clasping grasping steel ribbons surge upwards accelerate breathless soaring through labyrinthine intricacies of Milky Way’s luminous radiance scudding through clouds of primordial debris exploding nebulae radiate incandescent quicksilver sparks propelled by solar intensity blasted across Universal expanses escape celestial spheres vaulting binary stars sweeping galaxies nebulae boundless corona glaring quasar blaring the music of the Spheres take wing (take telescope) take flight ascend to the nexus soar for millennia reach the zenith of flight shatter gravity’s myth then fall shouting singing exulting through the Universe’s back door.

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