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About Me

Hillora Lang

I am a graduate of the MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults program at the Vermont College of Fine Arts. Prone to discovering the fantastical hiding beneath the surface of reality, I write stories of young adults discovering themselves, creating themselves, and becoming who they were always meant to be.

From childhood I felt like an alien born on the wrong planet, or a time-traveler from the ancient past dropped into a modern world she couldn't comprehend. Dragons, faeries, and sea serpents live in my brain, while cats, mineral specimens, and artifacts from this world - and others - fill my life. Beauty is found in the simplest things, and I'm always in search of forgotten treasures.

Please note: I have never identified terribly much with the physical world, which is why so few photos of me exist. Someday I'll have a picture taken by someone more skilled than I, but until then imagine me as you will. A brushstroke of watercolor on curling paper; a crumbling book in the back of a cavern; a beetle crawling along the side of a toadstool. My words are my form, so the image doesn't really matter.

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