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On a Far Shore

Here's the quick pitch for my contemporary/magical realism Young Adult work-in-revision:

Sixteen-year-old autistic Ainslie Coleman travels to Scotland’s Hebrides Islands for a summer Study Abroad program hoping to find her place in the world outside her hometown of Wilmington, North Carolina.  Accompanied by her guide, Ainslie discovers challenges she never imagined as mystical things begin to happen: visions of a girl from the ancient past, mind-melding with a falcon, and more that she can’t explain. When she feels threatened by a woman who has stalked her from the beginning of the trip, she falls from a cliff and shape-changes into a kestrel falcon. Then the truth of her adoption is revealed, and Ainslie realizes her entire life has been built on a lie. The truth that she is descended from a Scottish clan of shapeshifters. 

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