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Evolution of a Girl:
A Guided Journal for Teens

Guided journaling offers “prompts,” which are thoughts and questions that we can write about, thereby learning more about who we are and who we want to become. Here we can explore our feelings, work through issues that might be holding us back, and use our writing as a tool for self-discovery. It can also be a way of releasing good things we may not realize we are keeping inside, or bad things which are poisoning our efforts at moving forward.

Sample Prompts:
Try these writing prompts to explore your self

What is your favorite song from childhood? Your favorite book or movie? What about it makes you remember it clearly, and how does that make you feel?

What was the last thing you shared with someone? Was it something physical, like a hug? Was it a feeling, like excitement or joy? Was it food, a book, your time? How did sharing make you feel?

What was the last thing you wondered about? Are you satisfied that you discovered an answer to your wondering, or will you keep searching?


Internet Resources

Links to web resources for keeping your words private:

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